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Message from the president

高島会長写真 Jiro TAKASHIMA

President (Geshäftsführer)
Shimadzu Europa GmbH

It is a great honor for me to succeed Mr. Yamamoto to be the new president of the JBCE. The JBCE was founded in 1999. Since then, for more than 17 years JBCE has been contributing constructively to the EU public policy. The number of member companies has increased from 20 to 80. This fact alone shows that the importance of JBCE´s role is recognized by both Japan and the EU. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of my predecessors for excellent performance.
Before I was appointed president of Shimadzu Europa, I worked in Shimadzu Corporation and its allied companies for nearly 35 years. During my career in the Shimadzu group, I was engaged in analytical instruments business for the world-wide market. I visited many countries including the EU member states and had the opportunities to better understand the necessary tasks. At the same time I also could learn about history, culture, and peoples in Europa.
The EU is one of the most influential body in the world, especially for environmental protection, corporate social responsibility, safety and other wide-ranging subjects. Unfortunately, today there are many difficulties in the EU, including the BREXIT, terror attacks and migration of refugees. Nevertheless, many Japanese companies try to continue business with their subsidiary or branch offices in the EU, since the EU is one of the most important markets for almost all business fields.
The UK referendum to the BREXIT went against the expectation of most of us. However, we have to accept the result and react appropriately. Recently JBCE established the BREXIT taskforce. We will watch how the negotiation between the UK and the EU develops, and we hope that the negotiation will proceed in a constructive and transparent way with the goal to preserve an open market based on harmonization of regulations and standards between the UK and the EU.
Not only between the UK and the EU but also globally, harmonisation of regulations and standards is essential for our business. Especially this is important in the fields of environment, resource efficiency, chemical substance management, the circular economy, cross-border data flows and the digital agenda. As the president of JBCE I will strive to increase mutual understanding and dialogue between Japanese and European policy-makers for this purpose.
On the internal matters of JBCE, I would like to follow the idea of my predecessor to establish a middle- and long-term roadmap. This comprises to increase membership, to conduct a smart way to spend our budget, and to organize get-togethers or social gatherings among members.
I will take an active role in representing interests of members, promoting Japanese business in Europe and contributing to human welfare and environment protection. All members are asked to act, in this manner, positively for JBCE. I wish that JBCE develops further to underline its significant role both for Japan and the EU. Let us build a stable bridge between Japan and the EU.

12th June, 2017
Jiro Takashima

(In Japanese)