At the JBCE Extraordinary General Assembly on 18 December, Mr. Arnaud Brunet from Sony Europe and Mr. Lars Brückner from NEC Europe were unanimously elected as Vice-Chairmen. Mr. Yasushi Nakashima from Mitsui Chemicals Europe was also unanimously elected as the new Director of the Board.

The Vice-Chairmen will strengthen JBCE’s external communication activities, while the Board will be strengthened by the additional new member from the chemical industry. These appointments will enhance the overall activities of JBCE and reflect the multi-industrial character of its membership. Both the Vice-Chairmen and Director of the Board are essential actors in improving JBCE’s visibility vis a vis stakeholders and its organizational sustainability. The JBCE Secretariat calls on all JBCE Members to provide continuous support to the new Vice-Chairmen and Director.