On 12 June 2017, JBCE co-organised with BUSINESSEUROPE and Keidanren a networking reception on the occasion of the 13 June 2017 Sector-to-Sector meeting held by Keidanren and BUSINESSEUROPE, which discussed amongst other things the importance of reaching a satisfactory outcome of the negotiations on an ambitious and comprehensive EU-Japan EPA/FTA. After having welcomed His Excellency, Ambassador Kodama, Mr. Markus Beyrer (Director-General of BUSINESSEUROPE, Mr. Akira Shimizu (Chair, Planning & Coordinating Sub-Committee, Committee on Europe), and Mr. Lars Bruckner (Vice-Chairman of JBCE) provided short comments in relation to the importance of dialogue between European industry and Japanese industry concerning not only the ongoing EPA/FTA negotiations but also Regulatory Cooperation with a view to the future. Participating company and industry organisation representatives subsequently had the chance to engage in extensive networking and discussions.

6th Sector to Sector meeting

Keidanren press release

BusinessEurope press release