Japanese companies have invested €250 Billion and created 440 000 jobs in Europe. Given this, JBCE has a strong stake in the future of Europe and is committed to continued prosperity and stability across the continent. As a responsible corporate citizen, JBCE and its member companies have consistently and constructively contributed to EU public policy and as the process of the UK’s exit from the EU progresses, we will play our part in helping to ensure that the prosperity of both the EU and the UK is maintained.

As detailed further in the message attached, JBCE would like to underline three pillars that are essential to this prosperity:

  1. Ensuring an open market between the EU and the UK
  2. Maintaining an appropriate degree of harmonisation of the regulations and standards
  3. Ensuring the openness and transparency of the negotiations between the EU and the UK, and having dialogues with businesses

On September 2nd, 2016, the Japanese Government published a document entitled “Japan’s Message to the United Kingdom and the European Union”. The requests set out in this document include those made by companies of Japanese origins in Europe. JBCE is fully aligned with the message of this document and hopes that the EU and the UK will carefully consider these requests during the coming negotiations.

JBCE stands fully prepared to work with the EU and the UK in order to contribute to a strong future relationship between the two regions and ensure a business friendly environment, guaranteeing future prosperity.