On 17 February, the JBCE and JEITA published the joint statement on the agreed text on the EU’s Conflict Minerals regulation.

On the joint statement, JBCE and JEITA request:

  • Timely disclosure of the planned Handbook by the European Commission on “conflict-affected and high-risk” (CAHR) areas to allow also non-EU companies operating within the EU to implement it.
  • More clarity regarding how the Commission’s non-exhaustive list of CAHR areas be aligned with outsourced projects and other initiatives that would define CAHR.
  • Synchronisation of the listing and delisting of responsible smelters/refiners with the recognized (by EU) supply chain due diligence industry schemes. Difference in timing of listing and delisting could be a source of confusion for companies.
  • Focus on importers and set clear criteria for the certification of Responsible Importers, Smelters and Refiners. JBCE and JEITA welcomes the Commission’s intention to publish a list of ‘responsible’ importers who publicly declare their due diligence obligations as set up in the Regulation. Such criteria should make use of the existing criteria such as CFSI’s Conflict Free Smelter Program and LBMA.