On 13th October, 2015 a group of European industry associations sent a  joint letter to European Commission President Junker.

Following a recent ruling by the European Court of Justice resulting in the invalidation of the EU-US Safe Harbour Agreement, the letter calls for European Commission guidance on the implications of the ruling, harmonised implementation of the across EU member states, as well as adequate transition period for companies and authority to adapt their practices.

JBCE co-signed the joint industry letter for to the following reasons:

  1. Legal and institutional stability are essential for business to develop in the EU and globally.
  2. It is essential to strike the right balance between the protection of data and privacy on the one hand and the promotion of innovation, competitiveness and growth in the Digital Single Market on the other hand.

JBCE will continue to cooperate with other stakeholders on the subject of data transfer and data protection.