JBCE held Knowledge Sharing Session (KSS) on Data Governance in Europe with Ms. Andrea Katalin Toth, Legal and Policy Officer, DG CONNECT as the guest speaker.

Ms. Andrea Katalin TÓTH, Legal and Policy Officer, DG-CONNECT (Data Policy & Innovation)

She began her speech by providing context of the EU data strategy, highlighting that a Common European Data Space is a concept – not a physical platform – which comprises a set of rules and an IT capacity.

She provided us information on the Data Strategy and its 4 pillars: 1) cross-sectoral governance framework; 2) enablers (or investments); 3) competences and data skills, and 4) the roll-out of common data spaces.

Her speech was followed by a lively Q&A session which also made JBCE members better understand about the Data Strategy.

JBCE will remain committed to Data issues.

For more information please contact:
Takenobu Kurihara
Policy Manager (Digital Innovation)