Today JBCE held the conference called “EU-Japan Digital Cooperation – a strategic and economic partnership to move towards the digital age” at CEATEC (Japan’s biggest online exhibition of Cyber Physical Systems/IoT) to discuss the digital cooperation between the EU and Japan.

Mr. Gerard de GRAAF (Director, for the Digital Single Market, DG-CONNECT, the European Commission) and Mr. Hirobumi IIDA (Director-General for International Cyber Economy Policy, METI, Japan) joined in the conference and presented updates of each side’s digital policy. Based on those updates, they discussed the future EU-Japan Cooperation in the era of the global digital competition.

Mr. Gerard de Graaf

Mr. Gerard de Graaf, Director for the Digital Single Market, DG-CONNECT

Mr. Hirobumi Iida, Director-General for International Cyber Economy Policy, METI

They underlined the importance of the EU-Japan Digital Cooperation with trust, especially in data sharing, AI/IoT education, standardization, and the fact that industrial stakeholders could play the significant role to realise such cooperation.

Mr. Iida explained DFFT (Data Free Flow with Trust).

It was also emphasised that as the two major regions which share the same commonality not only in value but also in industrial structure, the EU and Japan could play an important role in leading multilateral discussions under the current global digital competition.

Mr. Marco Canton, Moderator and Chair, Digital Innovation Committee, JBCE

JBCE continues to be committed to bridge the EU and Japan’s digital policies, and looks forward to continuing to foster close cooperation in the digital field together with EU-Japan policy makers and industry.

*With the following links, you can watch the archived video of the conference until 31st December 2020.



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