On 22 August, JBCE published with global industry partners two Joint Industry Statement to the G7 Summit scheduled on 24-26 August in France.

The first statement “Recommendations from the global digital industry” is mainly focusing on Data Free Flow with Trust (DFFT) and AI for all, which has been shared with the G7 leaders.

G7 Biarritz Joint Statement

The Second statement “2019 G7 Leaders’ Summit Recommendations for Promoting Innovation, Digital Technologies, and Trade” has recommendations on the AI, Free Flow o Data and WTO, which has been focused on in the statement to the G20 Summit this year. (https://www.jbce.org/digital-innovation/joint-industry-recommendations-for-2019-g20-ministerial-meeting-on-trade-and-digital-economy/)

Joint Industry G7 Recommendations_Leaders Summit 2019

We hope that, under your effective presidency, all G7 leaders will continue to support the high ambitions described above and that the Summit Declaration will fully reflect their strong commitment to this effect.