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JBCE Summer Garden Party 2022


On 7/June, JBCE held Summer Garden Party. As the first such party in three years, we were able to welcome a very impressive number of 150 guests representing a wide-range of interests and stakeholders. We were also able to hear meaningful speeches from high-level officials who emphasized the importance of strengthening cooperation between the EU and Japan and whose speeches were symbolic of the great progress that has been achieved in these regards already.

The attendance of all guests most definitely made an important contribution to the success of this party. And, in that respect, JBCE would like to thank all from the bottom of our hearts for the participation and for the contribution to making the discussions so invigorating and party so lively and enjoyable.

We look forward to our continued work together and hope to see you again at some of the upcoming events for our various committees in the near future as well as, of course, at next year’s summer party.