As part of the ongoing revision of the Ecodesign regulation on fans (327/2011/EU), JBCE together with EPEE , CECED, EVIA, DIGITALEUROPE and JRAIA have recently issued two joint position papers calling for the exemption of spare parts from the Ecodesign fan measure and for the removal of ecodesign requirements for fans incorporated into products and the information requirement for these fans.

The joint papers underscore that having to replace existing fans by functionally identical models complying with the Ecodesign requirements is disproportionate, technically difficult and detrimental to the environment. The papers also argue that besides a significant cost increase for users and manufacturers, the provision would lead to additional waste generation due to the reduction of the lifetime of equipment in case of a fan failure. Additionally, the joint statements call upon the Commission to consider the economically detrimental effect of “double” regulation which could increase the cost of products without a reduction of the energy consumption of the final product.

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