On 30 May 2017, the JBCE Environment Committee invited Ms. Kristi Klaas, Counsellor for Environmental Affairs, Permanent Representation of Estonia to the EU, to discuss the Environmental policy priorities of the forthcoming Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU.
Ms Kristi Klaas informed members that Climate Change will be one of the priority subjects and that the Presidency will aim to make substantial progress on the following legislative items: “ETS”, “ESR”, “LULUCF” and “ETS aviation”. “Eco-Innovation” will be a second focus points of the Estonian Presidency. “Eco-Innovation” under the Estonian Presidency will take a product approach and will be used as a tool to give substance to EU’s “Circular Economy” policy from a solution-oriented perspective.
JBCE members asked many questions about the Climate Change policies, “Eco Innovation” and the key topics which may come up in the near future, such as Endocrine Disrupter, REACH REFIT, and Eco-Design.