Regulation 842/2006 on fluorinated gases is currently being reviewed.  As representatives of companies who are responsible for a very significant part of the European market of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, JBCE-JRAIA expresses their concern on several key issues.

JBCE-JRAIA are of the opinion that it is premature to fundamentally overhaul the F-gas Regulation.

JBCE-JRAIA believe that it would be very unfortunate (and that’s an understatement) if the Review of the Regulation would have as a consequence the increased marketing of products with significant inherent safety risks.

On the whole, however, JBCE-JRAIA want to confirm our commitment to play a positive role in a gradual phase-down of HFCs, and in the mitigation of the global warming impact of our products, whilst at the same time maintaining their safety.