News Flash 1The JBCE Trade Committee and Committee chair Tetsuya Yokota were honoured to welcome Nobuyuki Hiratsuka, Director of Tariff and Market Access Negotiations at Japanese Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (METI). Mr Hiratsuka relayed the current state of play of WTO ‘Green Goods’ negotiations, which started in July, and the position of Japanese Government and industry at global level. The JBCE Trade Committee, which responded positively to the recent Commission public consultation on “Green Goods Initiative”, discussed how to support this initiative, including the possible collaboration with the other industry organizations.

News Flash 2After the discussion with Mr. Hiratsuka, the JBCE Trade Committee also welcomed Mr Heikki Suortti, Principal Administrator in the European Parliament Committee on International Trade (INTA). He was able to share the current status of Parliamentary activities, in particular on the EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Given the role of the European Parliament in the EU-Japan FTA negotiation, JBCE Trade Committee members emphasized the importance of engaging with the European Parliament.