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JBCE's Environment & Energy Committee submitted its views following the call for comments on alternatives to aromatic brominated flame retardants (ABFR)


On 27th June 2024, JBCE submitted its views on alternatives to ABFR.

JBCE agrees with and supports the concept and purpose of the “Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability - Towards a Toxic-Free Environment- (CSS)” to protect human health and the environment. To reach this goal efficiently, we highlighted critical issues for alternatives to ABFR, such as the need for a comprehensive evaluation taking into consideration not only alternatives but also the final product, a sufficient transition period and enhanced stakeholder collaboration throughout the supply chain. Additionally, we stressed the importance of standardized analytical methods for the introduction of restrictions, an appropriate threshold considering the detection limit and a “legacy approach” for medical devices and analytical devices.


You can download our position below.

For more information please contact:

Masakazu Shimosawa, Policy Manager, Environment & Energy

Tetsusaburo Miura, Policy Manager, Environment & Energy

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