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JBCE's Environment & Energy Committee submitted its views following the call for comments for Annex XV restriction report of U-PFAS


On 20th June 2023, JBCE submitted its views on REACH Annex XV Report in the context of the consultation on the restriction of Universal PFAS.

While supporting the goal of a toxic-free environment, JBCE has some concerns about the proposed restrictions.

JBCE advocates for a risk-based approach in chemical management and an analysis of socio-economic impact rather than just a hazard-based reasoning. Restrictions and bans should be justified by a thorough assessment of benefits, costs, and scientific evidence.

Our main points of concern and related explanations are provided in our position paper.

You can download it below.

For more information please contact:

Tetsusaburo Miura, Policy Manager, Environment & Energy

Masakazu Shimosawa, Policy Manager, Environment & Energy

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