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JBCE held its Annual General Assembly and Networking Party


On Thursday, 27 June, JBCE held its Annual General Assembly to review last year’s performance and discuss future JBCE activities this year.
A new composition of the Board Members was also confirmed.

Following the Annual General Assembly meeting, JBCE invited the members to the Networking party.
In the opening speech, Mr. Toru Morita, JBCE President, reaffirmed the importance of stronger EU-Japan cooperation than ever.

Having touched the G20 held in Japan the following days, Mr. Morita expressed his expectations about Japan’s leadership in the areas such as Society 5.0 and Data Free Flow with Trust (DFFT), and efforts towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In the Keynote speech, H.E. Kazuo KODAMA, Ambassador of Japan to the EU, encouraged JBCE members to make stronger and deeper relationship between the EU and Japan together with the Mission of Japan to the EU.